Emo Bob Haircuts

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For teenagers and a number of girls, the emo hairstyle can be the in thing these days. This hairstyle can be great for parties, hangouts and even just for everyday life. It sets the trend for most teenagers and young adults. No matter what the length of hair a girl has, she has the total freedom and chance to get an emo hairstyle for her own.

The bob haircut is a most loved style among many women. It has also been used by the emo generation. However, like any usual haircut, it has been given special addition to make it emo. The essential element in emo hairstyles which is the bangs is also cut to suit this type.

The hair is cut above shoulder length with layers. The hair at the back is shaped inward or if you want to have a wash and wear hair, several uneven layers can be done. You can have streaks of highlight using bold colors. For the front portion, have the hair close to the sides of your face. The bangs can be cut with a straight cut or have it swept to the side. The bangs can be kept above the eyebrows or you can have them long enough to cover one eye. Additional highlights can help accentuate the emo look. The emo bob hairstyle is perfect for emo girls who want to have a hair that can easily be managed. This is a popular haircut for medium length emo hair for females and some males as well.

Long Emo Hairstyles – Some Ideas

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Long Emo Hairstyles

For the uninitiated, Emo is a kind of music, a sub-culture which has its own followers spotting unique fashion including hairstyles. It is a fashion trend that is especially popular with the younger generation of today.

Long Emo hairstyles can be done in many different ways with different colors. It is a reflection of the wearer’s Emo personality and lifestyle and is seen as one of the main characteristics of Emo. Let’s take a look.

As a general rule of thumb Emo hairstyles are mainly black in color. There have been instances where bleached blond or dark brown have been used but black is the MAIN color. Long hairstyles for Emo girls are usually long (below shoulder) and moody while for Emo boys, long hairstyles mean those that are up to the chin area only.

One of the main characteristics of long emo hairstyles is that they contain a lot of side fringes/bangs that cover one side of the eye. For starters, there is the messy black Emo long hairstyle. As the name suggests, it is worn in a messy state. Then of course there is the long blond, long brown and so on.

An easy way to perk up long emo hairstyles is to add strands of bright colors such as blue or pink to the black or dark hair. These colors often require some bleaching to enable the color to blend in.

Remember Emo is a whole fashion trend and subculture with long emo hairstyles playing an integral part in it. Spice up your Emo personality with unique long emo hairstyles with accessories and colors in the right place.

Choosing Jeans for Emo Girls

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Choosing emo jeans for girls can be a bit difficult. But the question that you might be asking yourself is: how do you know what jeans you should choose?

The first thing that you need to know is to make sure to pick jeans that you will personally find to be the most comfortable. Also keep in mind that boy and girls jeans are made differently. You’ll look a bit odd wearing a pair of boys jeans, mainly because they are built differently. If you really prefer the way that they fit, however, they are a better alternative.

First of all, the most popular type of emo girls jeans are skinny jeans. They come in a variety of styles and shapes and shades and almost anyone can wear skinny jeans. Keep in mind that you may not find them comfortable and in the case that you don’t, try the next size up. Just because having really tight jeans is popular doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to wear really tight jeans.

Checkered patterns and animal prints are really popular and they are a good place to start as far as emo girls jeans go. Make sure to choose a print that you know that you’ll wear. Don’t worry about matching—most emo girls don’t and it’s alright: it adds to the outfit.

If you really don’t like emo skinny jeans, then you may want to consider looking into Tripp pants which are a more comfortable alternative and also look super duper cool.

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Choosing Emo Jeans for Emo Guys

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Choosing emo jeans for boys can be a bit difficult. After all, you never know what to choose and you may not be entirely sure what qualifies as emo. However, choosing emo jeans isn’t nearly as hard as you might think and as a matter of fact, you could probably do it in the blink of an eye.

First of all, tight jeans are more popular for emo guys. You can generally buy skinny jeans at any store now—but the main thing to remember is to buy boy skinny jeans. While you probably could get away with buying girl skinny jeans, you need to remember that girls and boys are made differently and so are their jeans.

Secondly, you can also choose the pattern of your jeans. This means that if you like checkers, then you could choose a pair of checkered jeans. The same goes for animal prints, although they are normally found in the girls section of the clothes stores.

Skinny jeans are popular, but so are Tripp jeans, which are usually a bit more expensive and you can find them in pretty much any size. They’re really comfortable and you may find them to be a better alternative to skinny jeans.

Keep in mind that if you can’t find skinny jeans or don’t find them very comfortable, then you may find that regular jeans that are just a little tighter than you might normally wear are a comfortable alternative.

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Popular Styles for Emo Girls

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Emo style for girls isn’t quite the same as for boys, but it does have a lot of the same elements. The main thing to remember is to try and keep it as unique to you as you possibly can.

First of all, plaid is popular, as are checker board patterns and animal patterns. Animal patterns are more popular as far as purses go. Most emo girls normally carry around messenger bag style purses as opposed to the more traditional purses that you may find.

Next, you also will want to look into tighter clothing. Most emo girls and even guys wear tighter clothes than most people. Choose shirts that are fitted or a little bit smaller than what you usually wear.

Cartoon characters and vintage shirts are both popular for emo girls. Anime is especially popular as is Pokemon and older cartoons.

Dinosaurs in their cartoon form are also popular among emo girls. Try and choose cartoon characters that you find to be cool or cartoon characters from cartoons that you really like to watch. It’ll make things easier for you.

Carrying around a small book bag in the shape of a stuffed animal is also very popular, especially Domo or Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. You can find loads of stuffed animals that come in book bag format.

Last, choose shoes that are low top or boots. Converse are extremely popular as are a few other brands, but the main thing to remember is to find shoes that you like and are comfortable.

How To Dress As An Emo Girl

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Emo fashion is for emo girls who do not conform to the trendy girl fashion usually set by celebrities and famous fashion icons. Emo girls listen to their own emo type of music, dance to their own tune and dress in a most unconventional manner that in a way also calls attention. Their own brand of fashion is an expression of their own personal taste and emotional state and they don’t care what other people think of it. But in a way, there is still some commonality in the way emo girls dress, thus the emo fashion. Here are some examples of garments that constitute emo fashion:

Layered look

Emo girls are partial to the layered look in clothing. They could be seen with a long sleeved undershirt topped by another shirt with short sleeves. Colors run from white to grey to black and either in solid color or a band t-shirt, meaning a t-shirt with an emo band’s image embossed on the shirt. The more clothes there are the more emo the look.

Emo hoodies
Hoodies are an essential item in an emo girl’s wardrobe and we’re not talking one hoodie here, in fact it has to be a collection of hoodies. Band hoodies, hoodies with skull, stars and other bizarre designs, emo-accepted clothing brand hoodies, even plain hoodies are tolerable, as long as it won’t make them look like a sorority girl. For summer, there are short sleeved hoodies.

Jeans and skirts
Tight skinny jeans are another emo fashion staple and so are short skirts.

Scarves are an emo girl’s very own fashion statement. Long, thin, simple crocheted or knitted scarves are worn by emo girls all seasons of the year. Scarves in solid colors, stripes or plaid are up to standard.

Shoes and socks
Emo girl fashion decrees that shoes are flat and simple although buckle shoes are acceptable. Knee socks with patterns, fishnet sworn with skirts, thigh highs and striped thighrts or stocking are all emo fashion standards.

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2014 Latest Emo Hairstyles

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Emo hairstyles for girls are significantly different than other hairstyles. They can be jagged or long and romantic. It is entirely up to the girl and what she prefers. However, when it comes to emo haircuts, do not let yours fall into neglect. There is no point to not taking care of your hair. There are all sorts of hairstyles. Maybe you want an asymmetrical cut with a tiny mohawk on top. You need to know how to style that and make it work for you.

The first thing to remember when it comes to emo haircuts is that bangs are really important. Most emos have bangs of some sort. There is no doubt at all about this. Most emo bangs are long, sideswept, and almost cover the eyes or at least come close to them. The main thing to remember is that they do require some care.

Next, you need to remember that emo girls’ hair can be long and flowing or short and choppy. Choppy layers are really popular. Spiky hair is also fairly common with emo girl hairstyles.

With this in mind, your best bet is to get a picture of the cut you want before you ever go to get it. Many stylists can replicate or at least get a good idea of what a haircut is like by a picture. If you want anything to be different, however, you need to make sure that you let them know about the changes before they ever pick up the scissors—just for safety purposes.

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Scene Versus Emo

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These two have been considered to be the same peas of a pod for many years, but scene and emo are very, very different. Emo is more about emotions, especially those of the darker kind. It started as a musical movement in the eighties and has transformed into a cultural phenomenon. However, scene is all about all kinds of music, and happiness, and rainbows. They’re as different as male and female! Cats and dogs! Butterflies and spiders!

First of all, emo kids usually wear darker clothing. They lean more towards patterns as opposed to cartoon characters. Stripes are popular, plaid (in some cases). But scene kids wear brighter clothes and pretty much dress the same as anyone else, just with more accessories.

The makeup really isn’t much different. Scene does have a bit of elegance that emo doesn’t, but there are a few emos who choose something more eloquent. They both like to wear neon, bright colors and dark eyeliner or dark eyeshadow. However, emo boys are more likely to wear makeup (at least eyeliner) than a scene boy.

Lastly is the hair. While scene gals and guys have their poofs, emos have their spiked, jagged cuts. While scene kids prefer longer, more flowing hair, emo kids prefer something harsh and spiky. However, it is a matter of preference. Some girls who are emo prefer to have longer, less jagged hair. Then again, some scene girls like their hair to be shorter.

Get Funky with Medium Emo Hairstyle

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The latest fashion or style statement among a huge array of youngsters and teens nowadays in hair cuts is that of the medium Emo hair. The Emo style is a trend that has been in vogue for a significant period of time. Its popularity and craze seems to be proliferating with the passing of time.


The medium and also short hairstyles are popularly admired both among the guys as well as the girls. But before opting for the medium Emo hairstyle, it is imperative to note that this kind of a hair cut is the most difficult of hairstyles to have and maintain as it demands a huge amount of care and use of the styling products. As no Emo look can be complete without the layers and bangs, similar is the case with medium Emo hair. Medium Emo style is one of the most demanded lengths among the girls. The shoulder length hair style is generally straightened and layered on the top. You can easily select to either go with the sides blunt cut or swept as per the personal preference. It is indeed easier with the dark hair colored people to have the medium Emo hair. But the people with light hair color shades like light brown or blondes can think of dying the hair for an enhanced and impressive Emo look.

Teen Fashion Terms

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Teenagers have a lingo all their own, even their own fashion vocabulary. Here are some of the more common “”terms”" used by the young to describe their favorite apparel:

Beater or wife-beater - A beater or wife beater is a lightweight ridged tank top initially worn by men as an interior clothing or undershirt. In the past, men who wore them as outer clothing were considered of the lower caste, hence, the label “”wife-beater”". Now, however, more and more boys and even girls have been wearing them as a top on its own and even celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Sarah Jessica Parker have adopted the outfit.

Cami – A cami is a camisole that women used to wear as an under clothing. A cami’s popularity as an outer garment for women came with the trend of wearing undergarments as an outerwear just like the beater. A cami has narrow straps, made of fine or sheer fabrics and is great worn on its own as tops for summer or for layering in the cooler seasons.

Kitten heels – a kitten heel is a 1 and a half teo inches of very feminine heel with a cute curve to it popularized by Audrey Hepburn and is a style
that is very much alive to this day. It is a great option between high heels and flats.

Floods – Floods are crop pants that comes in between what is called “”aguas altas”" pants or highwater pants and the capris. They reach somewhere above the ankles to lower calf and are really very nice casual wear that looks good paired with flip flops or ballet flats.

Leg warmers – these are foot -less socks that you bunch around the legs and was the craze during the physical fitness mania of the 80s. It is very practical as well as cute combo with tights and mini

Uggs – Is a shoe brand of a very sturdy looking sheepskin boots that are ugly (thus the moniker Uggs)
but a big favorite by the young and usually worn with denims, flirty skirts and almost anything.